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Approximate completion time: 1-2 dagen
€15.00 ($17.57)
€12.00 ($14.06)
What happens if the booster loses the promotion?
In case the booster loses the promotion, he will play until he reaches the rank he should have reached at the first time.
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Selecteer de details van uw aankoop.
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Promotion Boosting

Promotion Boosting

We created promotion boosting for League of Legends players who are looking for a secure way to complete their promotion games series. This type of ELO boost helps potential buyers, to instead of buying ranked wins or league boosting, select the most efficient option for their need. Our boosting team at BoostRoyal is 24/7 ready to complete any promotion series in the game. Tier and Division jumps are both offered and the price depends on the level of the current and goal tier or division. Another important factor that influences the price level is the number of played games in the promotion series. As many players would think, playing one game in the promotion series cannot do much harm as the upcoming two games can solely decide whether the player will be successful finishing the series. When it comes to promotion boosting in LoL, we recommend keeping the series match record clean, to help both the customer and the booster in achieving the fastest results.

How promotion boosting works

Participating in promotion boosting is just as easy as choosing a simple type of ELO boosting. The number of won and lost games has to be marked before proceeding as this data influences the final price of the service. Not playing any promotion games is advised, as by doing so, proceeding to checkout with zero played games concludes to the lowest price achievable. The more games are lost in the promos, the higher the final price will become. The reason why this happens is that the booster has a harder task by winning two games out of two than winning two out of three in the promotion series. The following steps are common with the other classic ELO boost services provided by Boostroyal. Payment method has to be chosen and some other user data has to be filled such as log in name and the email address of the user.
Simple way to finish promotion series

Simple way to finish promotion series

In case of the League player already started his promotion series, this ELO boost option can still be used by anyone who is looking for a perfect finish in the series. The promotion system fails to work properly in many cases as it can be unfair to players who perfrom outstanding in these important games. Playing as a team can be hard, and having a bad matchmaking in the promotion games can lead to some nerve-racking games. The ELO boost professionals at BoostRoyal optimized this service in a way that the smallest possible investment from the client still leads to outstanding results. Similiarly to the placement matches boost, these two boost types offer the most value, as even these small number of ranked wins can have a significant impact on the ELO rank of any League of Legends player.